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    AGC code of conduct Empty AGC code of conduct

    Post  lordofdemize on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:49 am

    AGC Straight Jacket is a (COED) adult gaming

    * We are a respectable gaming community; we do not start the trash talk. If someone starts it, we defend ourselves and other members, but in doing so, **we refrain from using racism.** (RACISM WILL RESULT IN BEING REMOVED FROM THE CLAN.)

    * Refrain from using drug references, what we mean is: let’s not teach 10 year olds on Xbox live how to cook meth.

    * We are an "18+" community with exceptions. Maturity level will decide if one younger than 18 will be accepted.

    * Once signed with AGC, you can not be in another clan or community.

    *You must run the clan tag at all times!
    (Example: Straight Jacket Alpha is SJa_ (The last space is for what rank you are currently at) SJaI would be Straight Jacket Alpha Inmate. Check with your warden for your proper clan tag and rank.

    *Your motto,under Edit Profile, must include AGC (clan tag) (same clan tag as above) Example:(AGC SJaI)

    *Clan rank and list is posted on each clan page so you can check your rank and see the clans Chain of Command.


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