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    AGC Meeting / Game Lobby Manners

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    AGC Meeting / Game Lobby Manners Empty AGC Meeting / Game Lobby Manners

    Post  SJCC NavyCrypto on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:15 pm

    To all AGC members:

    *Game lobbies*: are for having fun and kicking other communities/people's tail in Black Ops. Keep in mind the AGC Code of Conduct rule:

    * We are a respectable gaming community; we do not start the trash talk. If someone starts it, we defend ourselves and other members, but in doing so,we refrain from using racism.(Racism will result in being removed from the clan).

    (While in game lobbies please remember that there are 5 other players involved. Please refrain from constant criticism and complaining during matches so it doesn't effect you or your teammates concentration.)

    *Meeting lobbies*: are for the Warden/Chief to have your complete and undivided attention. Please give your Warden/Chief the respect that is needed to carry out their meeting. A lot of time and energy is put into these meetings to make your clan the best as possible. Talking out of turn and interrupting the meeting adds extra time to a meeting plus it disrespects your higher ranks within the room.

    *Game Lobbies / Meeting Lobbies*: DO NOT DISCUSS any ILLEGAL DRUGS. This includes any references towards usage,ownership,paraphernalia,or dealings. AGC wants to maintain it's RESPECTABLE morals inside the AGC community.

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