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    Members - Community Council, Leaders, Section Leaders. - All decisions of the Council are made by a Majority vote decision and are final.

    oversees 2 section leaders and four clans, the majority of all clan concerns should be handled at the leader level. The leader will meet regularly with the section leaders. All decisions will be by vote of the group and be final. If issues arise that support is needed the Leader will enlist the help of the LC’s or council.

    are proven leaders in AGC and are trusted with looking over two clans working closely with the Wardens and Chief’s in making decisions to improve their clans. Although they do not directly handle the clans they overlook, they are there to offer support and advice on how they should handle their decisions. Section Leaders can appoint new Wardens (with Council approval) and with the leaders agreement they have the power to overturn any decision made by a Warden if necessary. They attend weekly meetings with assigned Wardens and Chiefs to make promotion/demotion decisions, pass down information, and get a feel for how their clans are doing that week. Section Leaders are often asked to help in the decision making process of the Council and help make choices that affect the community as a whole. Oversee Clan splits, they have the power to put any clan on a recruiting freeze or suggest reorganization of a clan to the council.

    is in charge of the entire clan. They must keep an updated clan list, hold meetings with, and ensure that everyone in their clan is following the Code of Honor. The Warden appoints all Chiefs (with Leader and Section Leader approval) and has veto power over any promotions or demotions happening within their clan. They must work closely with the Section Leader and both pass information up to the Section Leader about how their clan is doing, as well as passing information down letting their Chiefs know what needs to change. Wardens have the power to remove any member under them from the community if they are not following the Code of Honor. Wardens are the backbone of the community and make sure it is running properly. This is not, however, ultimate power - the Warden is checked by a group consisting of as SL and LD that work with him/her to decide foremost choices, disciplines and overall progress for the better of AGC SJ Community. The warden plays a major role in clan splits with assignments of chiefs and suggestions of new wardens in the event of a spilt (which must be approved by the council).

    All Chiefs are required to attend training sessions with the Education Officer prior to appointment. This position can only be obtained with the appointment from the Warden and approval of the Education Officer once appointed the member will be brought before the council for inspection.
    The Chief is required to be very active and participate with clan decisions and the website updates. They will serve to generate clan ideas, support the warden in all aspects of the clan, lead meetings in the absence of the warden, and be involved with clan decisions. Update clan lists, and be present when new recruits are read the Code of Conduct and explained the Rank Structure. See that the code of conduct is followed and report all and any offenses. The Chief should be groomed to be a warden of a new clan during splits and on occasion may be moved from one clan to another to provide assistance to the AGC SJ Community.

    responsibility to recruit properly using the “Recruiting Basics” found on the web site, promote the web site, and assist Chiefs with their duties in reducing the drama from the ranks below. Officers range from 1 through 9 with 9 being the highest. The officers are the Chief’s right-hand and the first point in the chain of command for lower ranks. If the chief is unable to fulfill their duties for any reason, the officer should step in and cover the Chief’s responsibilities. As an officer, one must also be the starting point for the chain of command for all lower ranks, answering questions, handling issues, and passing down information.

    are able to answer questions from lower ranks, pertaining to The Code of Conduct, Rules & Regulations
    and Recruiting. They will make sure complaints are legitimate and research both sides of the incident before passing them on to higher ranking members. They are in line to "steal" the job of Officer.

    responsibility to recruit properly using the “Recruiting Basics” found on the web site, promote the web site, and assist Officers with their duties in reducing the drama from the ranks below. A Lunatic is the first line of defense against people breaking the code of honor. They should know the rules and rank structure of AGC Community and be heavily involved in clan activities and meetings. All Code of Honor infractions witnessed by the Lunatic should be immediately reported to the Officer or above.

    is someone who has proven themselves worthy of the SJ clan tag and has undergone the recruitment phase. Members are expected to follow directions from Lunatics and higher ranks, and although they cannot recruit, can REFER possible recruits.

    All promotions above the rank of inmate are to be determined by the Wardens. Some suggestions of why or when to rank can be obtained from your SL and LD. Normal promotion goals used - meeting attendance, participation, knowledge of the Code of Conduct, recruiting, ect.

    will "get fired up" and make a specific effort to play with lower ranked members,as
    well as, members from other divisions of AGC. They are expected to visit the website often and respond to posts.

    Is a member who has passed the recruitment phase been a recruit for two weeks and is officially in the clan. Inmates are expected to, at the very minimum, visit the forums weekly (and preferably make posts), have good activity, and attend clan meetings.

    A new RECRUIT to the AGC Straight Jacket family. During the recruitment phase (TWO WEEKS) recruits will be evaluated on: activity, teamwork, communication, and attitude. At the conclusion of the TWO WEEK recruitment phase, the clan Warden and Chiefs will confer and determine whether said recruit deserves membership in AGC Straight Jacket.

    Honoree Member
    This membership is based on members that are commencing from the original establishment of AGC SJ, they have the same rights of veterans, yet are reserved as elite members to AGC SJ the deserve the utmost respect can recruit and provide valuable input into clan decisions.

    Is a proven, dedicated, active established member of the clan that has been loyal and active within the clan for a long period of time. Veterans have the power to REFER potential members and to forward disciplinary violence’s that they witness. The purpose of this rank is to reward members that are devoted to AGC SJ yet do not have the time or desire to devote to a leadership role.

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