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    Just more proof to our claims.

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    Just more proof to our claims. Empty Just more proof to our claims.

    Post  SJCC NavyCrypto on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:50 am

    For the ones who doubt us and are leaning towards leaving AGC.... Take a look at who a Section Leader is for IAC. It's Edge !!! The one who threatened Oldman; to cut his throat, was on his way to do it, and was packing his bag now. Remind you, Edge was voted out of AGC by the Council for his threat. Next day Goon over rides our decision and brings him back as a Section Leader !! Really
    And we still did a bad thing after stuff like this happened repeatedly? I say we stood up to the bullies in AGC! Now everyone in AGC can play without looking over their shoulders. They will get caught up in their own lies and have to tell more and more to keep covering the lies up. Their story will never be the same.
    It's a real life GOOD vs EVIL. It's the one's in doubt who have to make a choice, I just hope it's the smart one. We have the proof. What do they have?


    Remember Fallen running the SJHM,the demotion? Well it's because she couldn't comply with the Councils rules. Sub ran the SJHM too,because of his mouth towards others. Both of these were brought back up to high ranking council members? Goon strikes again.
    Just use correct judgement when you think about what to do.

    Just more proof to our claims. Heels-2

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