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    Post  DR_Hubbis on Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:40 pm

    Hi All

    Its a pleasure to be invited to join SJ Bravo, thanks for having me. In our last team meeting (1/18) I raised this topic, Mr Cringle mentioned that Mr. Shelling or others are working on something in this vein.

    Additionally, opinions were shared by some that small unit tactics are not exactly in the spirit of fun and relaxed gaming; I had not thought about that before - not in that way.

    Frankly, my interest in tactics was not particulary to dominate other players, but to counter when we are up against another team that is seemingly crushing us in TDM. There are players out there with xxxxPro everything, or get accused of using other techniques or technologies to get ahead. Or the chorus of complaints about camping, etc.

    I enjoy (enormously) playing with our family, we have fun and communicate pretty well - you know, there is a guy behind the thing next to the thing. I don't want to change us into something else - for those of you that remember the original Karate Kid movie - the "bad" dojo - Cobra Kai Smile -- too hard core!

    I'm thinking of some middle ground that we can go to when our backs are against the wall, at least to push back a bit. While its true we can just take our licks, lose a match, and go to a new room (dumping the oponent team) - perhaps we can coordinate our classes a little, or have a technique or two?

    I have a few ideas I'd like to throw out, if there is interest in doing this...


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    Small Unit Tactics Empty Re: Small Unit Tactics

    Post  oldman on Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:16 pm

    Wow sounds like some sound ideas.


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